Taki Sector - Screeps Game

Taki – Forged in Fire

I started playing February 2018 and spawned in a newbie zone it zoomed me in on when I first logged in on shard2. There was the usual unskilled fighting in there, but after the zone opened, I noticed random harassing creeps from tigga roaming the area. His attacks were far from the quality they have today, so I was able to defend from them with walls/ramparts and towers. The other guys from the former newbie zone didn’t, so the sector ended up with much free space. I was able to defend my bases, but keeping tiggas roaming creeps out of my remotes was difficult. I remember tiggas attacks as more harassment and less targeted back then. If I remember correctly he didn’t use his squads of boosted creeps yet. I tried to build my new bases so they block off the access to the mining rooms behind them.

Tigga Expansion Play and Team Defense

Tigga once tried to build a base in my sector, I think it was E8S28, but slowMotionGhost stopped him. He was the only other guy in my sector. that was summer 2018 I think. I helped slowMotionGhost against tigga in the sector, but my code didn’t have boosted creeps yet, so he had to do the main part. it worked, he kept tigga out of the sector.
TgDgNU started playing around the same time as me, he spawned in the sector right above mine, and he got some tigga attacks too, but fewer than me. a bit later in summer 2018 tigga tried to get a base closer to TgDgNU, I think it was W5S22, and TgDgNU didn’t want that because it would bring more attacks to his territory and I assisted him to stop that base from being build. That took some fighting for a few days before tiggas auto-expand code gave up on it and picked another room somewhere else. Tigga could have built it anyway I suppose, but it was probably automated on his side, so I’m not sure he even noticed the battle taking place there.

Tigga Codebase Develops

By late 2018 his attacks got a lot better, he had his boosted squads that stick together by then, and claiming rooms and building up bases within his reach got harder and harder. Tigga had automated scouting and his automated attacks would target those fresh bases as weak spots. some of my rooms like E6S28 and E6S29 saw much back and forth, and my partially build bases there got razed by tiggas squads several times… i lost a terminal too that way, but i dont think he got any rcl8 room from me yet.

New Base Construction Under Fire

The way was to use the first safe mode to pump up the base with tons of energy and builder and upgrader creeps from neighboring bases, so it was at least rcl6 or better rcl7 so it had a chance against tiggas attacks while it levels to rcl8. it needs to be close to existing bases for that. because of this and because it was the best way to protect remotes against tigga i claimed one entrance to my sector after the other, so now it looks like one big base. i got the last room to close it off a few months ago in summer 2019 or so. Getting into my sector is difficult now because i can put all towers in optimal firing range to the entrances from the highway rooms.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Real fighting with tigga got a lot less because of that. We still do some regular skirmishing, especially when he tries to get a power bank next to me or my creeps wander into his mining rooms, but attacks on bases haven’t happened since I walled off my sector. Except for the occasional rain of nukes, but that has proven to be ineffective as well for both sides. Tigga cant use his power creeps against me because I don’t have power enabled in any of my rooms yet and the controllers can’t be reached by him.
tiggas aggression is what caused me to design my sector as one big fortress, but I like this design now, its kinda unique.

Tips for a new players trying to learn combat / defense code?

Ramparts and well-placed towers can stop most attackers against advanced attacks you need to do something actively with creeps to assist, but ramparts and towers are very strong when defending and much easier to code than combat creeps. Also the pathfinder available in the API has a flee: true option which is useful for kiting and evading enemy creeps, thats probably useful for newer players when they want to code ranged combat creeps

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