Setting Up Your Coding Environment – + Screeps

It can seem a bit overwhelming when you first start with screeps. A new tool has been developed by the team to simplify coding for new players. – Text Editor is a free code editor great for those who are just starting to learn to code. It is also the official IDE of Screeps thanks to the custom plugin.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to download Atom. After the program has installed go to File -> Settings -> Install and search for “screeps”

Atom Plugin Installation screen with Screeps search. Install both the IDE and the atom-ternjs-screeps which includes autocomplete and some basic documentation.

An Overview of the Screeps IDE

Welcome Screen for Screeps-IDE

First thing you will want to do is link to your screeps account. Type in your user email and password and it will save an authentication token for future logins.

The Screeps IDE lets you see projects and get access to the console and memory via the IDE.

You can choose what code to use or create a project to code locally. In light blue you can see what code is currently deployed to the official server and the simulator.

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