Atom - Autocomplete Example

Adding Screeps Autocomplete to Atom w/ Screeps IDE

In the first tutorial we set up the Screeps IDE. Before you jump right into coding you may want to finish setting up your environment. We will now finish setting up the “atom-ternjs-screeps” plugin.

The first thing is downloading the autocomplete library here. Click the green clone or download button and then download the zip file.

Finding the Folder Location

In the red area of the photo near the bottom you can see the project folder location. Now if you go to File -> Open Folder you can view the folder in the windows file explorer. Drag the unzipped autocomplete folder into this folder location.

Linking Ternjs

Go to Packages -> Atom Ternjs -> Configure project. In the loadEagerly section paste “ScreepsAutocomplete-master/**/*.js” Make sure that the folder you unzipped has the same name as what you paste. Next scroll to the bottom of the settings section and click “Save & Restart Server.”

Test Autocomplete

Screeps Autocomplete installed in Atom IDE. This can be very helpful when coding to make sure you don’t reference non-existant functions and have the correct usages.

Now you should get a list of suggestions while you are coding. This can be helpful in conjunction with the official API documentation.

Now that you have your IDE completely setup we can move onto coding.

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