Overlords and CoPs Borders on Shard0

A Farewell To Peace – The Recent CoPS/Overlords War

The CoPS/Overlords Border in Shard0, postwar boundaries

With the advent of sharding, Screeps has become a more peaceful place. While the usual minor brushfire conflicts continue, conflict involving major powers has been at an all-time low. Many experts, in fact, expected this trend to continue; the vast opportunities to expand, wealth, and resources afforded by shards mean that alliances have less cause for direct conflict with each other. This ended recently with the declaration of war from the Veteran Greater North-Eastern Co-Prosperity Sphere, known more commonly as CoPS, on the more recently formed alliance Spawn More Overlords, known more often by their shorter name- Overlords.

The exact cause of the war is still unclear. In their official declaration of war, CoPS referenced the unwarranted and unprovoked nuclear attack against CoPS player SirFrump as a call to action. Overlords representatives claimed that the player was expanding into Overlords territory. While it’s known that SirFrump was nuked by Overlords forces and that later CoPS declared war, some have been less eager to tie the events together; complicating matters further, third party observers have noted the possibility that the nuclear strike was simply a pretense for CoPS to go to war. Others have speculated that Overlords directly provoked CoPS into war with a nuclear strike, expecting to draw them into a long, drawn out war where Overlords could establish itself as a major power. Despite CoPS ally Ypsilon Pact declaring its neutrality in the opening hours of the conflict, Overlords remained in a precarious position.

W37S16-1, now reserved by Jumpp and no longer in active use

Indeed, despite the massive disparity in players, GCL, and war experience- all of which heavily favored CoPS), Overlords did surprisingly well for itself in combat- being able to hold its own on several fronts despite aggressive CoPS advances. While CoPS continued to gain ground, teamwork like in the Battle of W37S16-1 showed another possibility. In the Battle of W37S16-1, a combined force of Overlords were able to effectively stop multiple waves of CoPS assault despite heavy losses. This helped stall CoPS forces, giving Overlords time to rally. Nevertheless, Overlords took heavy casualties and a number of players have gone missing during combat. In the end, CoPS representative o4kapuk announced that CoPS had met their goals- “To make sure people know not to fuck with us”, and unilaterally announced an end to the war.

Despite all this- the fact that this war seems largely driven by the ambition of a few specific alliances, a miscommunication about a possibly inactive player, the sending of messages with military force; this war- a Generation War between the new and old, represents a common theme in world events- up and coming powers often find themselves in conflict with the Old Guard, not so eager to see the their position threatened. While Overlords appears to have gotten the short end of the stick in the Generation War, I wouldn’t count them out yet. Ypsilon Pact found themselves similarly outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and outgunned at the beginning of the Poacher’s War, and today they’re the dominant power on shard1. While some have looked on this as a sign of the weakness of Overlords, I would remind those people not to jump to conclusions- while one could say that the Generation War proved they were no match for an established power, I prefer to say that the Generation War is proof that Overlords is ready to take its place on the world’s stage.

For ScreepsWorld, this is Knightshade.

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