SWC-4 SteveTrov’s POV

The teams were chosen by myself as no one had volunteered to be the second team captain, but I gave Atavus the opportunity to suggest changes before the teams were finalized.

The teams

Team 1 (The Titanium Creeps)

  • SteveTrov
  • Nyoom
  • Ricane
  • CaptainMuscles
  • Dignissi

Team 2 MURDR (Merciless Unstoppable Remorseless Death Robots)

  • Atavus
  • Davaned
  • Hiryus
  • RediJedi
  • Wtfrank

Before the match started I knew it was going to be interesting from the start as Wtfrank had spawned in the room adjacent to mine and he has arguably the most aggressive bot in the early stages. I considered moving my spawn to another room, but where is the fun in that?

Wtfranks attacks started almost immediately and I had to scramble to get some RCL1 active defence up and going for my remote rooms. He was sending increasingly larger and larger waves of small creeps into my remote mining rooms. With some minor tweaks I was able fend off all but the largest waves.

Here my creeps were outnumbered but managed to stay alive by utilising tactical running away.

The attacks went on into the night and as 20000 ticks passed I tried to attack into his main room but predictably he activated safemode. I then went to bed planning to mount a large assault in the morning once his second safemode had expired. Unfortunately for wtfrank his AI concentrated too much on military and only just made it to RCL3 before his second safemode ran out and didn’t have enough time left to build the tower before my attack.

With no tower and strangely absent military creeps I walked over his base with only 2 creeps. WTFrank decided not to go for round 2 and respawned as far away from me as he could.

Atavus also made an uncharacteristically slow start and failed to get his tower up before his initial safemode was over. Ricane jumped at the opportunity and sent creeps to attack, forcing a second safemode. His tower still wasn’t up before the end of his second safemode and like wtfrank atavus was dispatched easily.  

Davaned swarms

Davaned was the first to launch a swarm attack of the game and CaptainMuscles was his target. He successfully broke through the Captains tower and triggered a safemode. During his safemode CaptainMuscles was able to build up some walls and ramparts meaning a swarm attack was no longer viable.

Battle for E14S7

Davaned was aggressively expanding in multiple directions and I took it upon myself to contain him, as he was expanding so aggressively he had multiple bases without towers making them easy targets. He used his safemode in E14S7 allowing him to get a tower up. I decided to attempt a drain attack against it. My first attempt was using a standard advance / retreat tactic. Davaned creeps were filling his tower at very high priority, so although this drew some fire, it wasn’t enough to make a significant difference. .

Next, I sent in a squad with enough heal power to out heal the tower at max range. Davaned’s tower logic is fairly advanced and will not attack a target if it has sufficient healing in range to out heal the damage. So I coded up a “dance” to trick Davaned’s tower into firing at my creeps, causing the tower to fire on every tick. Davaned’s creeps were still able to supply the tower with sufficient energy to keep it firing. I was about to give up when I realised that I had put so much stress on the economy of this single source room that Davaned had zero energy for building new creeps. This allowed me to suffocate the base and ultimately destroy the base even though Davaned came online at just the right (wrong) time and pushed a patch, on this occasion it was too little too late.

Battle for E13S6 round 1.

Another of Davaned’s room, E13S6 was fairly well dug in with large ramparts and 2 sources within the ramparts so a drain attack was never going to work. However, the controller was outside of the ramparts, fairly close to the room exit and distant from the towers. So I attempted to attack the controller directly.

The aim of the attack was to downgrade the room from RCL4 to RCL2 thus disabling the tower and allowing my creeps to attack the base without having to healing thru the tower damage. Each controllerAttack blocks further attacks and upgrades for 1000 ticks. But if upgrading isnt blocked again 1000 ticks later, the upgraders can recover very quickly. So precise timing is required. To achieve this I spawned my claim creep early and had him wait outside the room until a few ticks before the upgradeBlocked timer expired, sending the creep in so it arrives the tick the timer expires.

The attack was working perfectly and I managed to downgrade the room from RCL4 -> RCL3 causing some issue with Davaned’s logic and creeps stopped spawning. I sent in the troops to start working on the 2M ramparts, the attack against the room was progressing well and my attackController creeps managed to downgrade the room to RCL2. However, due to a bug, my attackController creep arrived late, Davaned came online at just the right time (again) and was able to hardcode a creep to upgrade the controller, returning the room to RCL4, reactivating the tower. His creeps then used the energy from my disassembler to recharge his tower and my attack had failed.

Nyoom swarming atavus

Atavus had respawned in E6S2 and was having issues keeping his ramparts alive. Nyoom started by attacking the ramparts with a series of hit and run attacks. Then he launched a dual pronged swarm from the north and west. The room was a RCL5 and atavus’s towers are not wasteful in their targeting. Nyoom persisted and after 3 waves he was able to take the room down.

Swarming E11S9

Inspired by nyooms success, I attempted a swarm again Davaned’s room E11S9, although Davaned had built some ramparts, his creeps were not maintaining them very well and holes had appeared. I had spawned sufficient creeps for the attack and they were moving into position when Davaned came online (just in time for the third time!) and was able to rebuild the broken ramparts. There were no other viable targets for a 100 1M1A creeps so I sent them against the ramparts in the vague hope that they could break thru. They didn’t and Davaned lived to fight another day.

Davaned continued to have problems keeping his ramparts up and nyoom launched another swarm thru the holes. Bonzai managed to capture the attack with the 3d screeps client he is working on with trebbettes: 

Click on the above image for Bonzai’s post on Imgur.

Boosted attacks.

With 4 RCL6 rooms and a number of SK mineral mining operations, I was able to mine all 7 minerals and build a full range of T3 boosts. My first attack was against Hiryus in E8S6, as he had prioritised building up his ramparts so much and put no energy into his controller for over 5000 ticks his safemode was not available. The room had significant ramparts on all critical structures so took some time to take down, but once the towers and the spawn were down, I used unboosted creeps, saving my boosts for other attacks.

Hiyrus had just claimed E9S2 and it was only RCL2, so I sent boys in, hoping to force a safemode. It worked leaving his remaining room vulnerable.

RediJedi was my next victim, unfortunately for him, the rampart on my side of his base had been destroyed (by invaders?) and so I was able walk right in and take his base down with minimal resistance, his other bases also fell fairly easily.

The Captain Attacks

When Hiryus final room came out of safemode it had reached RCL3 and had a tower. CaptainMuscles launched an attack with a large skirmish squad of creeps. CaptainMuscle’s creeps have very good self preservation and will retreat and heal when they start to take damage. Initially it looked like he wasn’t going to have any success, but gradually his creeps were able to get further and further into the base and were eventually able to kill off the majority of the creeps and drain the tower. After that it was just a matter of time before the base fell.

Davaned’s last stand.

Since my last attack Davaned had doubled up his ramparts and added a second tower. However, with boosts it was just a matter of time. The first attack didn’t go as well as expected because I didn’t anticipate how many repairers he would spawn, coupled with the fact that I was attacking a wall close to his storage meant that he was able to repair most of the damage my creeps were doing. However, eventually they managed to break through the first layer of ramparts and triggered the safemode. Once the safemode expired I came back to finish the job and to ensure the repairing wasn’t a problem I sent in 3 T3 50 part attack creeps each with a dedicated healer. This time, he didn’t make any attempt to repair the ramparts, probably because the storage was low on energy. The ramparts fell fairly quickly and once they were down the base was cleaned up in no time.

With Davaned Down

MURDR were no more and the Titanium creeps were victorious!

Next SWC

The next SWC will be a bit different. The details are still being worked out, but there will likely be an initial peace phase with accelerated growth, so that everyone can get to RCL8 in peace and we can have some RCL8 battles. Keep an eye on #swc on slack for more details.

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