SWC3 Battle Report

TLDR: Gifs can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/n6qj1 & https://imgur.com/a/4sdTs

What is the SWC?

The SWC is the Screeps warfare championship. Its a competition run by the community where we spawn on a fresh map and fight to the death. The match is run on a dedicated Screeps plus server so we have nice fast ticks. Anyone is welcome to join as long as you have the steam client and are up for a fight. There is an initial signup period after which the players are divided into two teams, we spawn in and the fun commences.


For SWC3 we decided to manually pick the teams to try and ensure a competitive match. Bonzai and SteveTrov were captains and picked teams. The teams were:

The Titanium Creeps Dancing Squirrels
SteveTrov Bonzai
Kasami Geir1983
Ricane Atavus
Nyoom Hiryus
Redijedi CaptainMuscles

SWC3 got off to a slightly shaky start as we had to deal with a couple of technical issues and as neither side was particularly affected the captains agreed to continue. As a result both Bonzai and Kasami started slower than usual.

With Bonzai and Kasami hindered it allowed SteveTrov to take an early economic lead and was the first to reach RCL 3 and RCL5. Bonzai was first to RCL4.Geir started as he carried on and was aggressive from the start. Mainly performing harassment against remote mining and attempting drain attacks.

Early Attacks

The action heated up early on with a number of successful attacks, Geir wiped nyoom, Whilst a number of safe modes were triggered across the map. SteveTrov managed to break through Geir’s defences in his main room and trigger a safe mode.

On day two atavus started attacking remote expansion belonging to ricane and SteveTrov using a rather effective squad of healer, ranged and melee creeps. This made it particularly difficult for Ricane to get his 3rd room up and running, but with assistance from SteveTrov and some hindrance in the form of friendly fire Ricane eventually managed to get the tower up.

Nyoom does a dance

Nyoom had a rough start, getting attacked and wiped by Geir early on so was behind on RCL, but determined to make a difference, he respawned and attacked atavus. He didn’t have enough energyCapacity to do his usual drain attack so he came up with something new.

Nyoom does a dance

Atavus’s code identifies that the creeps on the corners have less potential healing and so attack them, nyoom then swaps that creep with one in the center where it can be directly healed by all 9 creeps. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the attack was not effective because atavus’s creeps are very good at reloading the tower and it never ran out of energy.

Tower Distraction against Hiryus

Hiryus spawned on the Titanium creeps side of the map and launched many attacks against the titanium creeps through out the match. He launched numerous attacks against SteveTrov and wtfrank in particular. SteveTrov launched a number of counter attacks in an attempt to dislodge him, but Hiryus wasn’t going anywhere. SteveTrov’s most notable success was using a drain attack. Hiryus’s tower logic wasnt fire on creeps that were at max range, but it did attempt to heal any damaged friendly creep. So SteveTrov, deliberately left a creep alive, to draw “healing fire” and enabling his creeps to slip in through the back. Hiryus activated safemode and built defenses to ensure SteveTrov couldn’t do it again.

Tower distracted

Redijedi Makes A Stand

Redijedi knew he had no chance in the end game with no boost code at all, so figured he’d focus on trying to slow down the Dancing Squirrels advance to boosts, so he spawned in the western sector, a lone Titanium Creep in the midst of several Dancing Squirrels.

Despite being surrounded, he managed to take out CaptainMuscles early in the match, aided by the fact that CaptainMuscles’ start room was super swampy and he couldn’t hit 3 before the safe mode dropped. With the Captian out of the way, the Jedi started on expanding.  Very quickly he had 4 rooms begging to reach rcl 3 and was doing everything he could to keep Bonzai from breaking out of the hidey hole he started in and expanding into the top area of the western sector.  

Between his slightly below the belt attack on their teammate and his arrogantly quick expansion, the Dancing Squirrels decided this infestation needed to be removed, asap. Bonzai started attacking from the west, Geir1983 from the south(through the sk rooms) and Gier and Hiryus from the east.  RediJedi woke up to his empire in ruins, he tried to withstand, but with only one source in his main room, and his two source rooms next door under constant patrol, he decided to go get drunk instead.  Not long after, the squirrels managed to overcome his defense and wipe his rooms.  Upon looking for a new room in the Eastern sector, the pickings were slim, and now he was behind as Bonzai hit rcl 5.  

Still seeing no good use for himself once rcl 6 is breached, RediJedi decided to jump back into the frying pan and rather than abandon the western sector, he chose a cluster of rooms right in the middle of squirrel territory, it had two sources, a one source room only accessible from that room, and access to sk rooms.  Plus it was walled off in such a way that neither Bonzai or Geir1983 had overly easy access. The Squirrels rightly believed this might be an attempt to distract and drain resources, but they still couldn’t abide his presence in that sector and sent several waves of attacks.

Despite their efforts, Redijedi held on, leveraging safemodes and improving tower code so that it could not be easily drained, maybe if he had made such improvements sooner, his original spawn would have lasted longer.   Eventually Bonzai and Geir1983 decided that just keeping him from getting any extra rooms setup would be sufficient, along with randomly harassing his main room.  Once Bonzai had his suite of boosts going, he sent over two creeps and wiped out all the buildings in all of the Jedi’s rooms.  Upon looking back at the room a few hours later, Bonzai realized that all the creeps he had left alive had rebuilt the spawn in the main room and hidden remote.  A mistake Bonzai was keen to quickly correct, wiping Redijedi totally off the map for good.

The battle for E8S3

By day three SteveTrov was looking for his final room and identified E8S3 as an ideal candidate with double energy sources and high X mineral. However, E8S3 was enemy territory and Geir and Bonzai clearly didn’t want Steve to settle there.
The attacks started almost immediately. So Steve triggered a safe mode to get his spawn and tower up. As soon as the safemode was over the attacks continued and the room only lasted about 2000 before Geir exploited a bug in his tower logic to take it down.
Steve rebuilt the base but Geir attacked relentlessly and pressure exposed another bug in Steve’s code and was able to overrun the base when Steve failed to upgrade his controller and the base got downgraded. Here is one of Geir’s many attacks where he attempts a leeeeeroy style charge! 


Steve rebuilt the base again and with the bugs fixed was able to withstand Geir’s constant attacks that literally went on all day. Towards the end of day 5, Bonzai attacked with a phalanx of 6 large RCL7 creeps that could tank the damage of the tower at point blank range. Steve spawned defenders but they couldn’t inflict enough damage to defeat Bonzais attackers.

Bonzai big boy phalanax

RIP E8S3 it had a short but eventful life.

The Titanium offensive. aka the stevetrov rampage.

SteveTrov had managed to secure all the minerals except X partly through SK mining. However, nyoom’s X room was now mining and allowing Steve to make all T3 boosts.

As the Squirrels were gaining in power and were economically ahead of the Titanium Creeps, Steve decided that their only chance on winning was to cause serious damage to Bonzai and destroy a significant portion of their mineral stockpile.

Bonzai also had the fewest ramparts of the squirrels making him apparently vulnerable. Steve was only able to make a limited number of boosts and had to make every attack count. He targeted squirrel mineral production and attempted to remove their supply of X. by targeting E5S3 and E1S5. Steve was cutting it really fine to try and maximize his boosts and only 2 of the attacks he launched were successful, one caused a safemode on E5S3 and the other was able to trash E1S5.

Steve also successfully attacked Geir1983 at E13S2, managing to wipe the base, Geir was able to rebuild the towers very quickly meaning that Steve had a send in more boosted creeps to take it again. The second time the Titanium Creeps worked together to ensure that Geir couldn’t rebuild. At least not for a while.

Revenge of the Squirrels

The Squirrels could see how close Steve was to making a major break through and so responded in the only way they knew how, they hit back with their own T3 boosts.

Bonzai could build his creeps from a RCL7 room and had a number of T3 boosts available meaning he could counter attack against SteveTrov without having to cut the corners that Steve was cutting. His first attack was against E13S7 forcing a safemode. He followed this up with an attack against E11S3 and as safemode was not available Bonzai was able to wipe the room and destroy a significant number of minerals and boosts in the process. Bonzai followed up with further attacks against Steve’s main rooms crippling him in the process. It briefly looked like Steve was going to be able to hold E15S8 but Bonzai just came back with more creeps and broke through. Steve tried to get boosts ready for defense but they weren’t ready in time.

Bonzai deflected (temporarily)

Steve’s attempts to rebuild were thwarted by Geirs follow up attacks.

Steve’s remaining room was E16S1 and as a final act of defiance he launched some attacks against CaptainMuscles with the very limited minerals he had. He was only able to trash a couple of RCL4 rooms.

SteveTrov revenge

Meanwhile Bonzai was rampaging across the map, taking out many rooms largely unopposed, whilst his team helped with the clean up and preventing rebuilding. Nyoom was the only member of titanium who was able to offer serious resistance, by building up strong ramparts and helped by the distance from Bonzai and spawning lots of defenders:

Nyoom mass defense... It wasn't enough

But as he didn’t have the boosts to take out Bonzai’s creeps it was just a matter of time before the Squirrels conquered all.

Knowing the end of near, nyoom’s creeps tried to hide:  

Nyoom hides in the corner

All in all this was a very fun match to be involved in. There were many great battles and it was very close. Well played Dancing Squirrels and congratulations on their well deserved victory. 

As this was delayed by RL, SWC4 has already finished, watch this space for another battle report soon!

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