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Screeps Referral Program Request

I have been playing Screeps for about a year now. Over these many months I have seen hundreds of players come and go. Many of the former pillars of the community have since come and gone. It has been interesting to see the different attitudes and goals of new players who find the game.

There has been a great number of people who come looking to code and others who want to polish their skills and play competitively. I think one thing is missing though and that is a way to credit those who actively bring others to the community. I would love to see a sort of affiliate program where each player who invites a friend to try out Screeps could receive a small reward be it play time or credits.

I think that a sort of global ranking system with each player being listed would make a fun competition. There are so many people who help build the community and others who actively promote and grow it. I hope that the Screeps Development team will create some system to reward those who bring so many new individuals to the community.

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