Waning Crescent Moon

Chronicles of the End: Part 2

*Intel*: They’ve gone dark.
*Commander*: What do you mean they’ve gone dark?
*I*: Nothing is coming in or out sir. Also seems like their IFF went haywire, their towers have been targeting us. Actually, seems like they have been targeting everything. Our observers picked up them melting an ally caravan passing through.
*C*: So you’re telling me that an entire nation just bunkered up and shut out the world?
*I*: Well, not exactly shut out… our market researchers noticed a sharp uptick in the sales of weapons-grade boosts in the last week. Sir, I think its time we consider taking some prudent steps to ensure our safety.

*C*: Ok, I’ll admit this is mighty suspicious, and from anyone else I’d be worried…
But no, its just crazy. They are surrounded by friends, and we’ve been allied for millions of ticks. Remember that glitch dissi had once, where he nuked himself? I bet its just another of those.
*I*: Actually, I heard someone paid him to do it.
*C*: Oh jesus maybe some people are crazy. Well, the point stands. No one is crazy enough to make an enemy of EVERYONE.

*I*: Speaking of crazy, have you seen the reports from the street? Some sort of plague or religion or something is spreading.
*C*: You know how it goes, the workers will always find something to complain about.
*I*: This is serious. These people are raving that the world is dying and needs to be cleaned of impurities.
It’s not just us either… I heard reports from nearby neighbors that their populations are growing restless too.
False prophets claiming to see the shattered nature of time and madmen claiming that the dead sectors are our reckoning for growing too big.

*C*: Ok, point taken. So what do you suggest?
*I*: _Something_ is coming. I don’t know what yet. I say until we do, we should *clear our IFF and reinforce our defenses. Who knows what the future may bring?*
*C*: And may the Admins be with us when it does…

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