The Poacher’s War – Another Perspective

To whom it may concern,

The end of WW1 marked the beginning of an ice age lasting well over 3888000 ticks. During this time, no conflict between the established alliances took place. Yet the last 1944000 ticks saw a thawing of the climate. The ever growing industrial capacity of the world begun to change the climate. Global warming can no longer be denied.

This new age has seen the largest engagements in the history of Screeps. Although the conflict lines are fractured and we cannot claim this as WW2, the scale of these conflicts dwarfs WW1. At the high point, the following alliances were directly or indirectly involved: ThunderKittens (TK), The Culture (TC), Screeps United Nations (SUN), Undefined(UD), Ypsilon pact (YP), Hive, Greater North-Eastern Co-Prosperity Sphere (CoPS).

In this article, I will focus on the details of one specific conflict: SUN vs YP and CoPS.

The how and why of the war’s cause remains a sensitive area with both sides feeling justified in their actions. What is clear is the following:

  1. YP and SUN had maintained friendly/close relations prior to the war
  2. Various incidents and diplomatic exchanges established a foundation of fear inside YP
  3. YP sought to strengthen its position by secretly establishing ties with alliances historically opposed to SUN
  4. SUN declared war on YP with the intent of limiting YP’s influence in the south

The start of the war saw the largest offensive in the history of Screeps. Within a 3 day period, SUN had attacked 50+ rooms and 30 rooms had been destroyed. The following days saw sustained pressure and casualties mounting on the YP side.

Two unexpected things happened at this point. First, despite expectations, no other alliance jumped to the defense of YP. Daboross (Federation member) was the only third party to join the war on the side of YP. Second, despite the casualties, YP did not cave. They tightened ranks and stood their ground against the onslaught.

After ~10 days of fighting, HIVE, in an unusual move, declared war on the entire Federation. At this point, Daboross left the YP conflict to assist in this new struggle. HIVE’s original offensive was limited in scope and the Federation began a wide spread counter offensive.

In the meantime, the YP front kept progressing and SUN began creeping closer to YP territory whilst spawning portal expansions. At this point, peace negotiations between SUN and YP were started. Although initially successful, YP suspended the discussions for unknown reasons.

After ~20 days of fighting, CoPS joined specifically to assist YP in their struggle. They began the conflict with a proper offensive and finally provided SUN with a serious challenge. CoPS opening offensive lasted ~3 days and saw the destruction of 15 rooms from recognized SUN members. Past this stage, the SUN/CoPS front stabilized with light offensive actions going both ways.

After ~30 days of fighting, YP had fallen to 50% of its original strength. Although still holding the line and providing a healthy challenge for SUN, the fatigue had reached extreme levels. We found out that several YP players were on the verge of quitting the game and some had already left. We renewed the peace talks and offered the best deal we could imagine. YP was receptive and peace was signed.

This war was an extraordinary experience, an intense conflict with strong opponents. This was an excellent opportunity for many of us to improve our code. It brought new vigor and interest to many of our kind. We achieved our original goals and the south has been cleanly divided between SUN and YP.

I must close this article with a few words of appreciation for YP. They surprised us all with their tenacity and strength. The SUN recognizes YP as a force to be reckoned with, a member of the exclusive club of major alliances (currently 8 in number).

Kind regards,

PS: For your pleasure, I give you the SUN vs YP and CoPS conflict explained via emoji:

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