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Lull in Poacher’s War- Fighting Continues

The violence of the Poacher’s War between Ypsilon Pact and the Screeps United Nations was brought to a temporary pause of late by a temporary cease-fire. Rumors abound regarding the cause of the agreement, but the most common one states that one of the AIs managing rooms with the Ypsilon Pact may have suffered some sort of external malfunction, and others not associated with either party had to step in and take measures to ensure the maintained coherence of the AI core. Other rumors suggest that Ypsilon Pact and the Screeps United Nations may have discovered some third party to be instigating and taking advantage of the ongoing conflict, The Culture being the most often named third party, though groups like All You Can Eat and the Collaborative Coder Coalition are sometimes mentioned. Rumors that the nearby alliance of INTEGER_MAX has been involved have yet to be publicly refuted by either side, though such rumors are commonly dismissed by the greater majority. What is known, however, is that the lull has resulted in a fall in market prices, meaning possible-instigator The Culture may have been reaping lesser profits than they were previously.

Prior to the ceasefire, Screeps United Nations founder Atavus had made a bold advance towards Ypsilon Pact territory, establishing a forward operating base in W15S87 under heavy assault by Ypsilon Pact members likeafox, Invisoblack, and omnomwombat, and Atavus reportedly took heavy casualties from counterattacks and containment by these members. Ypsilon Pact member omnomwombat was able to maintain a siege that very nearly cut off the newly fortified W15S87, and reinforcements to the room slowed to a trickle as SUN member Atavus attempted to breach the containment.

YP Creeps and Atavus’ Engineers, just before YP’s breach into W15S87

At one point, heavy assaults actually drove Atavus from the room, though he was able to later reassert his position there. Thus far the ceasefire has prevented any major counterattacks on either side, and Atavus has publicly stated that, due to the nature of Ypsilon Pact member omnomwombat’s malfunction, he would honorably cease offensive operations for the time being.


Unfortunately, not all is quiet on the southern front. SUN member Finndibaen and Ypilson Pact member Invisoblack continue to escalate in operations against each other. Finndibaen had previously established not one but two forward bases in what is generally considered to be a Ypsilon Pact sector, and Finndibaen and Invisoblack, the nearby YP member with stewardship of the W25S85 sector, promptly launched a vicious counterattack. Sources say that, because no agreement could be reached regarding the continual fortification of Finndibaen’s rooms, YP member Invisoblack voluntarily withdrew
from the Cease-fire agreement, as did SUN member Finndibaen. As of the time of this article, fighting continues to wage and neither side has a clear victor as of yet- Finndibaen’s rooms, while skillfully fortified, are in danger of being crushed under the considerable might of Invisoblack’s assault.

With the Greater North-Eastern Co-Prosperity Sphere yet to fully assert themselves in the forthcoming battles, the Eastern front largely silent, and a cease-fire on the southern front, the Poacher’s War has reached a calm, both in creeps and in boost markets. Only time will tell if this is the calmness of a peace finally achieved, or the calmness before a storm.

For ScreepsWorld, I’m Knightshade.


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