Kenshi's Room in E1S57 lies barren after CoPS raids

CoPS Launches New Assault as Poacher’s War Cools

One of more than a dozen recent assaults
CoPS Member ART999’s Creeps Breach SUN Member Maxion’s ramparts while under heavy fire

As the Poacher’s War has cooled- some might say frozen- on the Southern Front with Ypsilon Pact, it has turned blazingly hot elsewhere as the Greater North-Eastern Co-Prosperity Sphere launched a savage assault against the Screeps United Nations. Dozens of rooms were caught unprepared due to the cease fire with Ypsilon Pact established earlier this week. More than a dozen of those rooms fell to the portal launched assault, an eerie reminder of the CoPS assault against Thunderkittens during the Great War. Unlike in the Great War, rather than a single formidable AI being knocked out of the battle entirely, a number were hit, with SUN Associate member Kenshi and Honorary Member Plasticbag being particularly hard hit by CoPS forces. Even now, a number of those rooms continue to lie barren, their owners unable to rebuild as of yet.

Stunned by this sudden assault, SUN soon launched vicious counterattacks of their own, though as of the time of writing only one CoPS room had fallen. CoPS’ strategist Kotarou, likely planning this attack in the same vein as his brilliant assault on Vervorris last year, held off attacks from SUN’s Grand Ambassador Atavus for a number of hours while managing the assaulting forces to devastating effect. Later portal routes made continuing assaults impossible, giving SUN an opportunity to lick their wounds and prepare a counterattack, and giving CoPS an opportunity to sharpen their blades and prepare for the oncoming storm.

Opinion is split regarding the effect of the strikes. “Irrelevant. Pointless strikes against inactive players. This proves nothing.” said one SUN member. “It was easier than I expected.”, said a CoPS representative upon asking for their opinion of the attacks. Indeed, some members of the Greater Screeps Community have suggested that CoPS entry into the war may have hastened the fall of Ypsilon Pact- CoPS pressure forcing SUN to focus on crushing a single opponent while ignoring the others in an attempt to fight on fewer fronts- this focus on offense would certainly explain the high losses from such a defensively oriented alliance. Many dismiss these rumors, citing Ypsilon Pact’s performance in this war thus far and capabilities beforehand to be far more likely reasons for their eventual fall.

Prior to the CoPS assault Ypsilon Pact had, by some accounts, lost more than a hundred rooms since the beginning of the war. The fact that Ypsilon Pact survived until the ceasefire- a grinding slog five weeks long- is a testament to the leadership of DoctorPC, often referred to as the “Ypsilon Prime” within YP, especially given Ypsilon Pact’s lack of combat experience prior to the war. Through skilled propaganda and their reputable newspaper “United”, YP has even been able to recruit during these hard times, though that recruitment proved unable to turn the side against SUN’s determine strikes. Such is the nature of war- if this CoPS attack had happened a few scant weeks earlier, it’s entirely possible YP might have been able to stem their losses somewhat against their much larger opponent.

With Hive under continual assault by Federation forces and Ypsilon Pact rumored to be in the process of suing for peace under the current ceasefire, the future of the Poacher’s War remains unknown. CoPS shows no sign of slowing their assault, regardless of the state of their allies, though the nature of portal combat makes continuous contact a near impossibility, even for the likes of portal combat veterans like Kotarou. Both nations are far too vast to fall to a series of minor portal engagements and the vast distance separating them now means we may be looking at a continual war to last weeks, if not months to come.

For ScreepsWorld, I’m Knightshade.

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