CoPS Declares War on SUN! – WW2 in Full Swing

The wars of the world have continued to grow more fierce and intricate. A skirmish in the center of the map between TK and TC has grown to include YP, HIVE, UD and now CoPS. At this time almost all of the major alliances in the game have joined the global fray. The question now remains if the tide of war can be turned against SUN with HIVE and YP losses mounting. The war now looks as though it may become one of attrition with the addition of CoPS we may see a evening out of the two sides capabilities.

The conflict appears to be continuing between YP and SUN with peace negotiations yielding little fruit. It does not appear that negotiations will be useful with the addition of CoPS into the fight supporting YP we may find a renewed spirit within YP.

The declaration appears to only involve SUN and CoPS with a statement with regards to UD saying that they are not part of the CoPS war effort. It is yet to be determined if the NAP will hold with UD or if they will enter the war providing a second frontline in addition to the portal based one. Currently portal access makes this fight a near global one with dozens of players having short distance pathing to targets on the other side using local portals.

The following is the war declaration from Kotarou:

For too long hath the rays of Tamanuiterā – of the SUN – scorched the land, aggressing upon the territories of honest players. As the jaw of Murirangawhenua once lashed the back of the sun, so do now the chill winds of northern winter blow against the light of SUN in the south. The CoPS alliance no longer can sit by and watch the brave soldiers of YP toil under this unreasonable yoke, and as such we declare war on SUN until such a time as YP achieve peace, or we burn as Icarus once did.
We respect our neighbour alliance undefined, and the borders to which we keep, and hold no dispute with e.g. TK nor other federation members. As we have no quarrel with “The Federation” at large, CoPS thus does not declare war on The Federation, nor any of its members beyond the SUN alliance. – Kotarou

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