It appears that our next interviewee, Sineon, is tied with another player for having the most RCLs in that corner of the novice area. Will he/she become the kingpin of that sector? Looking forward to finding out in the Community.update().

Q. How did you hear about Screeps?

A. I heard about Screeps from my Steam queue.

Q. Screeps seems to attract a wide variety of players, from complete beginners to hobbyists to professionals. What level of programming experience are you starting out with?

A. I have a B.S. in Computer Science and have been working as a programmer for 7 years. However, I’m have very little experience with Javascript.

Q. I know some people are here to learn, some for the coding challenges, some for world domination, and some for all of the above. What would you say are your biggest motivations for playing the game?

A. I enjoy problem solving and coding challenges, I believe that’s the biggest modivation. Being able to see the effects of your code in such a graphic way is very fulfilling. I’m not really after world domination, but I’m hoping not to be a push over either. Oh and bonus that I get to learn the syntax of another language that I’m not very familar with!

Q. I know you’ve only been playing for a short time, but what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve run into so far?

A. My biggest challenge so far has been to figure out the best way to get away from hardcoding certain things, such as the sources that my creeps harvest from. I’m also working to figure out how to prioritize certain structures for building.

Q. When I’m playing, sometimes I’ll be working on a problem and I’ll have a breakthrough. Either my code suddenly starts working as intended or I have a really good idea that I want to try out. Have you had any “eureka” moments so far?

A. I haven’t had any “eureka” moments yet, but I assume I’ll feel that way once I get this source thing figured out!

Q. We are learning here. Do you have any particularly funny moments to share about your learning process? Code gaffes, silly bugs, sudden realization that Screeps already has pathfinding… too late.

A. I recently discovered that the reason my attacker wasn’t doing it’s job is because I didn’t tell it to perform it’s role in the main module.

Q. How about the resources available for new players — from the official documentation to the articles/guides that other players have created — Do you find them to be sufficient? Were there any that seem to be particularly helpful? Any gaps or resources you’d like to see?

A. I haven’t delved into anything beyond the documentation on the site (so no community forums or steam community), but the documentation on is working pretty well. It took me a bit to get the structures of code down, but I’m getting used to it.

Q. In about a month I’ll be doing a follow-up article and it will cover some of your progress over that time. What things do you plan to work on? Any goals in mind?

A. Well my first spawn was destroyed this morning by a neighbor, so my goal for now is to last a little longer than that and work on advancing to the getting resources from other areas.

I waited a few days to post this interview so I could show a gif of the new room being built. Nice comeback!


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