4th of July Fireworks

In one of the biggest mass launching of nukes seen in recent times, Revrick has retaliated against Rajecz’s sustained attacks and demolitions of W19N31 by launching no less than 12 nukes into his rooms across the W25N25 sector.

The conflict between Hive and Undefined over the past week has included:

  • Numerous seiges and breaches from Rajecz on Revrick’s room in W19N31
  • 2 Nuclear strikes from Rajecz on FuddyDuddy’s rooms in W46N41, W48N42
  • Seiges against Kshepards rooms in E13N61, E21N61 with some very close calls prevented by a safe mode in E13N61 and active defense pushed to the limit in E21N61
  • Sustained raids across the W35N25 sector from Mordox against Helam’s and Rajecz’s remote rooms
  • Seiges and breaches from Mordox on Helam’s rooms in W36N23, W35N28
  • And of course, 12 nuclear strikes from Revrick on Rajecz’s rooms in the W25N25 sector

The most exciting conflicts have occured in Rajecz’s seiges of E21N61. See the clips below of a very close call for a room breach in E21N61, as well as some interesting ‘peek-a-boo’ tactics on offense vs active defense & boosted repairing.

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