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What Is Screeps World?

Many may be curious what I think Screeps World is. To me I see a single location where a new player or community regular can go to get the latest about the game of Screeps. I hope that this site will grow and develop with the help of our many writers to become a place where we can share a bit of the community and history we have developed.

I would like to bring the site up to date with events past in the PTR server. I want to backdate posts to include major treaties, war declarations, battle replays, funny moments and more. I hope that you will help to gather this information so that we all can have access to it.

There is a section for alliance histories I would like to have a post from someone in each alliance in our game world to tell about their founding and what they stand for. I hope that this site will also aid in recruitment efforts of new alliances.

I hope that you will bookmark the site and visit it often to support our many writers and if you feel so inclined to join their ranks that you will post new and exciting content.



Founder of Ayce


I would also like to thank those who have posted content here already and DoctorPC for his artwork.

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