Introducing a new series: Community.push()

New players appear on the MMO server every day. Just look how quickly that array size grows in the gif above! Wanting to know more about these new players and their AIs, I decided to do a series of articles to introduce us. I found each one by scrolling over the map and sent out a request for an interview. I was very pleasantly surprised at the detailed answers I received in return.

For each interview, I’ve included a list of interview questions and the answers I received. I’ve also included a gif showing a time lapse of their rooms at various stages in their history. Enjoy!

In a month, I’ll post a Community.update() article with each of these players and see where they are at. I also plan to post more of these articles periodically, there will be plenty more in the series. Thank you to each of these players for their participation, and welcome to Screeps!

If you are interested in being introduced to the community this way, send an in-game message to bonzaiferroni

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