INTEGER_MAX Allliance History


LUN – September 2016

Before INTEGER_MAX, there was the Luranian United Nations (LUN).
Initially formed as starwar15432 and Lur. We then expanded to containing Leonyx, BuffyNZ, kraiik, dr_flizzle, thesirlancelot, and sphic (though some of them left due to loss of interest in Screeps).

We strayed to stay diplomatically neutral, we lived below the Legendary Super Suchties (LSS), and occupied a little more than a sector. The tables then turned as war begun, starwar15432 attacked a player from a recently opened up novice area, who then joined Lambda, a new alliance.

As such, starwar15432 continued to attack this player unknowingly, ending in confusion amongst the alliance. We had stated many times that this conflict was not affiliated with the alliance, but players left the alliance regardless. starwar15432 continued to fight, but lost rooms in the process. We agreed to disband the alliance, and respawned.

INTEGER_MAX – January 2017

We initially respawned in a sector, and sat there just developing the new alliance, INTEGER_MAX. An old member, Leonyx, came back and joined INTEGER_MAX, this time as a founder as well. We aimed to create a better alliance without the mistakes we had made in LUN.

Lomewilwarin, a Screeps United Nations (SUN) member agreed to clear out a sector for us to live in, and we formed a Non-Agression Pact with SUN (this NAP is no longer active as it is now based on mutual trust as opposed to a contract).

INTEGER_MAX Is Recruiting – Current

INTEGER_MAX is an alliance
built on cooperation and peace.

Our charter is here:

If you want to hop in and join INTEGER_MAX, throw lur a message on slack, and he’ll see if you meet our requirements.

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