Declaration of War YP vs SUN

War has been declared in the South between two once friendly alliances. Read the official declaration of war from the leader of SUN Atavus.


To Whom This May Concern, I bring you this message from the SUN collective:
Many ticks have passed and many servers have crashed since SUN first joined hands with YP. Throughout our history, there has been clear communication and open lands between our great nations. But I fear dark tidings have cast an ominous cloud that spells an end to our halcyon days. Through secret meetings and back-alley dealings, YP has turned aside from our long friendship and sought to join forces with our adversaries.
Shock! Horror! Betrayal most foul! But fear not, for these words are not our reply. For this presents a golden opportunity for us both! The SUN believes in the purifying fires of combat. It is said the Great Devs gave us ATTACK parts not just for fighting invaders, but for the glories of battle. This great land was not meant to stagnate and decay, but to be wrought with fierce battles and glorious triumph. War is a chance to test your mettle and grow stronger. Without the renewing fires of combat, we’ve seen many a friend fall into the black void of “real life responsibilities” and fade from this land. For those already held captive by their otherworldly tasks and wish to remain apart, we offer this: renounce your allegiance with the treacherous YP to one of our seasoned commanders Atavus or Ashburnie. If your words ring true we offer 3 months (1k ticks amirite?) of NAP. All glory to the brave warriors who face us! We look forward to growing stronger with you, and hope to call you friend again one day.
So it is with a light heart and a fierce grin that we, the SUN, hereby declare war upon YP. Those that fall seek refuge in the North, for the South we claim for the SUN. We wish you the best, and hope to learn from you as you will learn from us. Fear not the rising SUN. For those that burn will be reborn anew, stronger for having tasted our fire.
We will see you upon the battlefield.
War goals:
– YP may expand freely in coordinates above S0
– In coordinates below S0 YP may only own, claim or reserve rooms within these coordinates:
— E20S60 to E40S70
— E0S70 to E70S100
– Individuals can request a 3 month NAP, contact Atavus or Ashburnie

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