Declaration of War The HIVE vs TF and Undefined vs The HIVE

The HIVE has declared war against TF:

SUN and TK have been aggressively pushing into others territory taking what they want from whoever they want. Under the umbrella protection of The Federation but always claiming only individual conflict. The Hive no longer feels that we can sit idly by and watch SUN and TK continue to ravage the southern half of the map. All actions have to have consequences and so because of the aggressive moves of SUN and TK, The Hive is going to take a stand. The Hive is declaring war on The Federation. And we encourage our friends and allies to take a stand with us. Let them know that they cannot take whatever they want, that we will stand and fight.


So that also includes our independent members?

ie Daboross

@rajecz one more question. Does your war declaration also include our honorary(inactive and 10CPU) members like n0ne?

The Hive has declared war on The Federation and so we will fight The Federation, but target priorities will be evaluated based on availability and cause. It is our belief that by belonging to a group you will both reap the rewards of that groups successes and pay the price of that groups failures. So if there are those who would like to withdraw themselves from The Federation then we can discuss that, but as long as you are in the Federation you will be a target even if it is a very low priority target. We will discuss special cases personally and so if you believe you deserve one, then please contact me directly. I’ve PM’ed Daboross to discuss his situation.

@rajecz one more question if I may. I understand and accept your decision and the perception/feelings behind it. However, I haven’t seen anything about your war aims. What exactly are you proposing? The complete extermination of the Federation?

Undefined has declared war against The HIVE:

Fellow Screepers,

In response to the unprovoked joint attack by Rajecz and Vultured of the Hive on Revrick’s RCL6 in W19N31 at tick 19917400, Undefined officially declares war on The Hive.



This is a perilous time for members of TF, but for the rest of us, the minerals are selling.


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