AYCE – Alliance History


AYCE started as a project with a few players. The first to join the alliance were Sbense, Foy and Atanner. The idea was originally floated at the time that a few players were being considered for admission into SUN. Atanner who had been a SUN member since January of 2017 was concerned that he was going to quit the game due to a lack of challenge or competition.

After leaving SUN Atanner with others in the western sectors of the Map created AYCE (All You Can Eat). The project started off well seeing conflict almost immediately. The first steps were to clear the area of players that limited the growth of AYCE. Using coordinated Operations between our small group we quickly overwhelmed our targets and during this time made friends with other players near us.

One of the original drawings for how to divide up new territories that were cleared during our first operations.


With some of the original players in our area now removed we began to recruit and expand. We maintained our high standards in our recruitment which required aggressiveness and expansion focuses. Using these tactics we were quickly able to recruit a group of players to fill our “Western Cluster.” These players came from all over the world a few of which respawned into our group. (Respawns included Timendainum, KamiKatze and Eiskalt) and recruits included NixNutz and Nemah.

These images now declassified were of our plans for filling in the south side of West Cluster

With our new players and aggressive offensives, we quickly cleared out lands for future resettlement which until this time continue to be great locations to use our GCL. This period of time marked the foundation of the AYCE stronghold in the West.

Eastern Ambitions

During this time Atanner decided to use portals to colonize a new section of the map. A base of operations was started in the far east and slowmotionghost was recruited by AYCE. The expansion went quickly clearing major opposition forces. It was not until the portal began to close that a player came to challenge the landing. DKplugins began a campaign to eliminate the new room of Atanner. The fighting continued for several days one RCL 7 room against eight RCL 8 rooms. The fighting was close and intense involving nukes and boosted creeps on both sides.

DKplugins proved his merit in battle and earned the respect of Atanner. He is now a member of our band in the Eastern Cluster. At the same time we began to reach out to other players near us. Additions to our tight-knit crew include Zeus, Kasami & Engineeryo, who all proved their skills in conflicts that followed as we cleared the area near our Eastern Cluster.

Eastern Cluster Southern Push

What followed was a war with C3E in our eastern region during the offensives Spedwards, Chobobobo and Forkmantis lost many rooms and Spedwards was driven to respawn. This opened the way for colonization by Timendainum and SBense who joined the ranks of our Eastern Cluster.


We have slowed a bit in our growth and expansion as our recruitment standards have continued to rise. We have internal channels to help players to grow and develop their code to become ready for admission. We have made many friends and hope that many more will follow as we get to know them. We want to recognize PythonBeatJava who has made great strides in these recent months and has proved himself in offensive operations to be up to Pacman Calibre.

How to Apply

In order to apply for AYCE you must meet some basic standards:


  • GCL 4 with 2 RCL 6 rooms
  • A passion for the game
  • Good communication skills


  • Sufficient time to get to know the other members as a canidate
  • Recruitment vote
  • GCL and Code complexity to be able to fight in a major war



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